$ 4.95

The Avalon is a shrimp imitation that was developed in Cuba by Mauro Ginevri. 

This fly looks nothing like a shrimp but successfully imitates one. The beads that are tied to the top side of the hook shank act as a keel making sure the fly swims properly with its hook point up. The beads also double as a rattle which seems to get fishes attention even when its outside the fishes strike zone. 

This fly originated in Cuba for Permit but has been proven throughout the Caribbean for bonefish and tarpon as well. I have also used this fly with a lot of success on striped bass on New England flats.

Tan is the traditional color but Olive has proven successful on darker flats.

Fly is tied on a Gamakatsu SL113L-3H and the head is epoxied to increase durability.