Protein Shake

$ 12.95

5 years back I started to use articulated flies in freshwater and I realized that there had to be room in my saltwater box for a variation. My first prototype was a huge success. My buddies and I went out to fished for striped bass on live bait and after having no luck I decided to cast the protein shake to see how it swam and casted. To all of our surprise bass were dodging the live baits to eat the fly.

After a few seasons of critiquing this pattern to reduce fouling and make it easier to cast it became my favorite pattern when targeting large predators. 

This pattern has caught everything from striped bass to tarpon to tiger fish and even a cutthroat trout while being tested in the snake river. 

This fly is tied on a 6/0 SL113L-3H and the head joint is epoxied to increase durability.