Yellowstones Posted on 1 Jun 04:52

Finally, after a gray and cold offseason here in Jackson, WY the weather is transitioning to its warm summer patterns. The late spring sun is thawing out some of Jackson’s high alpine lakes giving fly fisherman like myself an opportunity to fish for hungry trout which have not seen a fly in months.

This past week I took a long drive and short hike and arrived at one of my favorite Yellowstone Cutty lakes only to find 95% of it covered in ice. Fishing was slow in the morning but as the sun started to burn through the clouds the fish were congregating and actively feeding in the small pocket of open water that I was fishing. For several hours I caught countless Cuttys ranging from 14-23”. Nearly every cast resulted in a hard fighting, colored-up Cutt, and after losing every pheasent tail that I owned I decided to call it a day.

The following morning my roommate, Chris Marchetti, was anxious to head up to the lake and try to catch his first sizable trout. We spotted a small Grizzly Bear on the side of the road and after taking a few pictures we continued on to “Lake X”.


Upon arriving I was amazed to see that more than half of the lake was free of ice. We were able to land a few small fish in the morning but fishing was slow so Chris and I took an early lunch break and let a pursuing storm pass while we refueled on gummy worms and lukewarm coffee. After the storm passed and our candy was devoured we were back on the lake where the trout seemed to be more active.

We caught a few more small cutthroats and towards the end of the day I heard a yelp from across the lake “Rudy I got one…. it’s big”. After a five minute tug of war battle Chris was victorious and landed a beautiful 23” fish. After he released the beautiful specimen I began to walk back to the hole I was previously fishing when I heard another yell from Chris requesting the net for a 22” cutt that he hooked and soon after landed. We had a short celebration and started our short hike back to the car in complete bliss.